Month: September 2019

Organic Bio Skin Care with Edelweiss for Sensitive Skin

**Edelweiss Cleansing Milk – The mild cleansing milk with alpine herbal complex provides gentle cleansing and effective protection. In combination with the Alpine tonic lotion, the skin is ideally prepared for the subsequent care. **Edelweiss Face Toner – The refreshing alpine facial tonic helps to prevent irritation and calms the sensitive skin. Thanks to the […]

The Best Ovary Warming Treatment in KL KEPONG PJ DAMANSARA SUBANG 最好的女性子宫养生护理

卵巢被称为女性健康美丽的“生命之源”, 女人拥有健康的卵巢,面部皮肤会细腻光滑,白里透红,有弹性,促进机体健康,调节并分泌雌激素,提高两性生活质量,胸部丰满、结实、圆润。女性能焕发青春活力,卵巢的作用功不可没。 住在 Sungai Buloh 或者甲洞KEPONG,甚至是其住在KL PJ 的朋友们如果觉得身体像要调理和排毒,尤其是女性需要调理胸部和子宫的,可以到我们这里来尝试 #淋巴按摩,#经络疏通,#产后子宫卵巢保养, #产后胸部按摩护理,#刮痧瘦身,#刮痧排毒,刮痧去热。。。 多种女性养生疗程帮助您养宫养颜养体,欢迎前来,不强推销,质量跑第一。   JY Signature Ovary Care❤️ Regular Ovary Treatment do helping every lady and women in👇🏻👇🏻 – Increase the Changes of Getting Pregnant – Alleviate Menstrual Cramps (Pain) – Prevent and reduce Melasma Production – Boost and Increase Your Sex Drive (Libido) – Improve Overall Body Healthness […]

The Best & Cheap Eyebrow Embroidery 纹眉纹眼线 in Kepong, KL, PJ, Subang, Puchong

The eyebrow embroidery in our salon is done by a very experienced eyebrow therapist. The shape will look very nature and you can pick the shape and pattern you love. Only from RM4xx (Free 1 Time Full Touch Up until satisfy) For those who staying in Sungai Buloh, Rawang, Kepong, Kota Damansara want to perform […]