KL Kepong PJ Brazilian Bikini Waxing Promotion 蜜蜡除毛 VAJACIAL

Luxury Vegan Waxing is in Promo (RM88). FREE WHITENING TREATMENT Lagi!!!!!

We use Australia made Vegan Wax (Jax Wax Australia) for all the areas. Silky smooth and painless!!!!

We design your intimate hair based on your needs. Enjoy it now.

Fast call for Appointment: 010-2589339

Keep up with waxing every 4-6 weeks and you’ll be able to go longer in between waxing services as your hair will continue to grow in slower and more sparse!

Painless Stronger Vegan Wax suitable for all skin types.

– Eyebrow Waxing
– Cheek Waxing #脸部除毛
– Chin Waxing #下巴除毛
– Lips Waxing
– Forehead Waxing
– Underarm Waxing #腋下除毛
– Arm Waxing
– Leg Waxing
– Bikini Waxing
– Brazilian Waxing #私处除毛

– Vajacial Treatment


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